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Company Message

Company Message


Recognized as one of the authorities using solid surface and stone materials, Miguel Reyna for 23 years has created his own form of Artistry. When you meet him for the first time you soon realize that you are are dealing with a superior professional.

In South Florida, Miguel has become the desire of all those who want nothing short of the best. Homeowners, General Contractors, Architects and Interior Designers are routinely asking for Miguel for he gives of himself entirely to every project and has trained his employees to do the same. When most contractors say that they can't, Miguel and his Creative team have responded " Yes we can!! " as a result there is a chance that you have already seen an example of their work.

Miguel is humble and grateful for all those who have made him who he is today, particularly his family. He is proud of his growing company and truly cares about his employees, his customers, his community and even his competition. Miguel Reyna is a true Artisan putting his heart into everything he does. This small business owner definitely has a very Big future ahead of him.


Creative Counters Inc are proud supporters of:

Pets' Broward

Habitat for Humanity

Women in Distress

World Peace One

Kiwanis Club